Video Game Training

Do you want to become a better video game player? Most video game enthusiasts have several reasons for wanting to improve their video game skills. Perhaps you want to play competitively, finish your favourite game on the hardest difficulty, or simply become a better asset to your team. Whatever the reason, increasing your video game skills will help improve your overall gameplay against single player enemies, other players, and even your friends.

There are several useful video game training tips and strategies you can employ to become a dominant digital destroyer. Below, we included some of the most important tips and strategies to assist you in becoming an expert in a wide range of video game genres. Please be aware, however, that it won't happen overnight. To successfully excel in any video game requires patience, the right attitude, and loads of game time.

Get Familiar with The Controls

The first step in any video game training book is learning the controls. If you are unaware of which button does what, it's highly unlikely that you'll become an expert. Before starting the game, do some research by learning the controls. Every video game comes with default controls that are assigned to various buttons on your mouse, keyboard, or controller that determine how the video game is played. Before jumping into the game, browse through the options menu and look at the controls. If you don't like the default setup, you can always change the control layout to suit your unique playing style. By customizing the control layout, you will immediately feel more comfortable and be more prepared when you need to do a certain action in the game.

The options menu not only gives you access to your control layout but also allows you to change the game settings. These settings include sensitivity, brightness, and several other important aspects of the game. You can adjust the sound effects, music, and graphics as well. Increasing the brightness will allow you to see more of the gaming environment while adjusting the sensitivity will help you fine-tune your reaction time when using a controller or mouse.

Watch Other Players and Read Online Tutorials

Continuously playing a video game is not the only way to improve your skills. There are several online video game training tutorials and written guides you can read, as well as video game channels that are dedicated to helping you improve your skills. By visiting YouTube and searching your favourite video game, you will be introduced to a vast range of gamers who recorded a playthrough of the entire game along with commentary that can greatly assist you in getting past a difficult stage and uncovering hidden secrets to further enhance your skills.

While watching online playthroughs is extremely helpful, watching other online players, or friends, play the same video game is even better. Watching other players will give you valuable insight into how they succeed in the game which you can then use to improve your own skills. You can even take this a step further by attending or streaming online tournaments featuring the best players in the world to see how they play the game and use their strategies to truly fine-tune your video game skills.

Practice, Practice, Practice

"Practice makes perfect" is a very popular saying around the world, and the same can be applied to video games. You will need to play quite often to further hone your video game skills because if you don't play at least once a week, you will certainly get rusty. You can start by completing the single-player mode offered on most video games, giving you the perfect opportunity to learn and understand the game mechanics. All video games will also have several difficulty levels, starting with easy and increasing in difficulty to provide an extra challenge.

Once you are comfortable with the single-player mode in all levels of difficulty, you can start to explore the online multiplayer arena. Playing against other online players will offer a brand-new level of difficulty which opens the doors to competitive gaming. The behaviour and tactics of other online players will differ greatly when compared to computer enemies, especially in first-person shooter video games. Other online players are far less predictable and won't fall into the same trap twice. Playing online will also introduce social interaction and the ability to play as a team to take down a difficult boss or enemy.

Interactive Simulations

Video games not only provides an entertaining experience to players around the world but also offers valuable video game training to a wide range of professions where failure can be quite severe. Video game training is used on pilots, surgeons, and soldiers through interactive simulations known as serious games. These three professions are constantly in unpredictable situations, so they are unable to use standard responses. They need to think quick on their feet and do the right thing as situations unfold. This requires loads of practice and learning from failure to understand what works and what doesn't.

Pilots need to learn various skills, such as flying an airplane through a thunderstorm, controlling the airplane when the engine on the right wing suddenly fails, or when there's a serious crosswind blowing on the runway that might tip over the plane. These skills cannot be learned in the real world as one mistake could lead to fatality. Therefore, flight simulators are developed with each new airplane that rolls out of production. Pilots need to log hundreds of hours on flight simulators before operating a real plane.

The virtual video game training and military simulation market is also expanding with weapons technology advancing at a rapid pace. Armed forces across the globe have recently turned to military games to deliver an increase in video game training and a reduction in cost as opposed to using real ammunition and real vehicles. The same can be said for surgeons with the advancements in the medical field. Interactive simulations also help surgeons to learn new procedures, new techniques, and new technologies with video game training, reducing the risk of unnecessary casualties and providing a more cost-effective way to enhance their skills.