Video Game Playtests

From Video game design to the actual development and launch of the video game developed by the company, there ought to be a long list of checklist that must be done before the game hits the market. Video game development is apparently more complex than you think and the last thing that a company or a developer would want is for the game to end up with bugs and issues when it's already released. To make sure that the game rendered to the public has minimal to no issues at all, Video game playtest is done by the company.

As the term implies, video game playtest involves testing the game before the developer finally decides to conclude the launching of the game. It is done in order to reassure that the game would be as flawless as possible and to gain positive feedback from the crowd. There are a vast amount of advantages in doing a video game playtest and our site is here to give you more details on this important process or stage of video game design and development.

What Makes Video Game Playtest Essential?

Video game playtest eliminates the possibility of heavy bugs upon the release of the game which could lead to more complaints and negative feedback from the players. By making sure that the game has to resolve bugs before launching, players who'll patronize the game would have a better experience and this entails more success for the developer if the reception of the public with the game is positive. There are even more advantages to video game testing when the different types of testing are involved.

Open Testing

When it comes to the open testing, it is where the developer would hire video game testers from outside. They are aimed to be players of the intended market for the game, as this will give them better feedback on what improvements they need to make to make sure that they'll be able to connect to their prime targets. More often than not, video game testers only need to provide information about them, play the game and fill up a form with details about the game along with their opinions. Video game testers would surely have more diverse results than closed testing.

Closed Testing

Closed testing is done internally by the developers or the employees of the company. More often than not, this phase resolves bugs in the game which are more inclined to the codes, structure, physics and other internal and more intricate matters about the game compared to open testing where external video game testers would often have their attention more on the gameplay of the video game.

Beta Testing

This is one of the testing phases that you definitely are aware of already. The Beta test is also a part where external gamers would be able to experience the game but, this is different than the open testing stage because this phase aims to be more like the actual launch of the game already. This would give the developers a clearer view of how the market will perceive their game once it launched along with other concerns that they may face on the actual operation of the game in the market. More often than not, this is the last testing phase of a developer or a company before the video game finally hits the market shelves and reach its intended players.

Playtest Benefits

The advantage of video game playtest is pretty evident for any developer. Whether it be for indie games, role-playing games, action games and other categories or genre of the gaming industry, a testing phase is the part that must absolutely be executed in order to guarantee the success of the video game to be released. Of course, though, it is important to remain vigilant and intricate in choosing video game testers or allowing other employees and players to play the game especially with the chance that the game may be released half-baked into the market by hackers, attackers or even your testers who may have malicious thoughts about your game. As long as you manage to provide a secure and safe testing phase, your game is pretty guaranteed to sale seamlessly in the market and your chances of getting the reception you'd expect would also be bolstered - it may even exceed your expectations if you manage to inculcate the feedbacks of testers in to your game.