Video Games for Military Training

The military sector of our countries is one of the best layers of defense we have against malicious attackers, terrorist and more. With this fact in mind, it is only right that technology brings forth new ways to hone the new and old generation of the Military in a more innovative and cutting-edge way, and one that would fit this description nicely is through Military Video Game Training. As you may have already been aware of, Video games are more than just for fun and with the rise of Virtual Reality games and more, one would also be able to improve their physical characteristics while immersing themselves on the video game training. Whether it be virtual reality combat training, arcade combat simulators, tactical training to sharpen the minds of our soldiers and many more, our site is here to render you with some of the most known military video game training products in the market.

Virtual Reality Combat Training

It is well-known fact that some of the most dangerous scenarios in the military world is the actual combat with enemy forces. These dangerous scenarios are impossible to recreate and even if you do it via training live, it would not provide the same feeling of the aforementioned scenario as subconsciously, the involved military individuals know that it's all training. Virtual Reality Combat Training would break the stalemate happening in the military world as it brings forth a virtual reality combat training grounds that would immerse one in a scenario that would feel as real as possible.

This combat training grounds come at the size of a court with a huge rubber pad and mounted controllers aiming to track the soldiers on the field. The participants would be immersed in a virtual world where the possibility of being defeated is there, and this would allow them to train to their utmost and prepare for things in the real world that may come abruptly.

Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator - Super Nintendo

One of the best weapons of soldiers against attackers and terrorist are their guns. Of course, it isn't that efficient to use real live guns to hone the shooting skills of the soldiers, especially the new ones. Fortunately, the Super Nintendo along with the aid of the US Army has brought forth the Combat Simulator. Although it may not host a gaming area as big as the VRCT, it definitely comes with its own advantages, as it allows the players to practice their shooting and even test the skills of the soldiers. The light gun and rifle used in the game is also created to perfection, making it as close as possible to real guns, which means that there's a possibility for the marksmanship of the players to increase substantially through the help of the game.

Full Spectrum Warrior

When the 21st Century had made its way to the world and made Millennials the future of the Military world, the sector has made it possible for this new blood to have a more seamless time training in the military, by incorporating new ways to train via video games. The ones who would enter the military in the future are without a doubt, people who may have played video games before and this would make it easier for them to use these training materials. This was the idea behind the creation of the Full Spectrum Warrior.

The Full Spectrum Warrior is a form of tactical training for the soldiers. Instead of being the ones firing guns and dodging bullets on the field, a soldier should also have a sharp mind to see the bigger picture. This game allows the players to control virtual teams and the only thing they need to do is command them but of course, not control them directly with buttons. This is something that can be applied real combat situations and could be valuable in critical times.

Virtual Battlespace 2

Just like the Full Spectrum Warrior, The Virtual Battlespace is also a form of tactical training but on a higher level as its training can involve diverse combat scenarios and platoon-level situations. Not to mention, the player could engage in a wide variety of maps and situations. On top of that, a cutting-edge technology makes it easy for one to learn and improve their strategies, which is definitely more helpful in the short and long run.