Video Game Jobs

Video games are more than just for fun, they could also at times, be platforms to compete and showcase your skills in front of others who are also passionate when it comes to this type of games. We are here to ensure that you'll have the most fun playing games and competing with other players, by making sure that you are equipped with the right skills, knowledge and other criteria that will help you achieve greater heights in all sorts of gaming competitions or even casual games. Of course, we are also here to open up opportunities for those who are skilled enough in certain games and are more than equipped to give video game training to our vast amount of visitors


If you think that you've got what it takes to be at the top of a certain game or category of game, you could contact us via As long as you have the skill, the knowledge and the passion to help others learn more about a certain game and compete with some of the best in your game of choice, there's no doubt that you'll have a place in our team. You should be capable of creating and providing comprehensive tutorials, rules and strategies and more, in order to ensure that our visitors would get what they need.