eSports Scholarships at Video Game Schools

Careers in video game design and development are quite popular and members of the younger generation are looking towards their future when they pursue a video game design degree. With hundreds of video game schools offering programs and classes, it is possible to get a degree and enter the gaming industry. Those that have an interest in graphic arts, video game design, game publishing and more can find different classes that can pave the way to an amazing career. While the expense of training and classes can be great, there are some great ways to offset tuition costs, one being by earning an eSports scholarship.

What Are eSports Scholarships?

eSports have finally entered the college sports programs at many gaming schools and avid gamers will have the chance to earn eSports scholarships to pay for their tuition to a video game school. In the United States, there are more than 30 colleges and universities that offer scholarships for avid gamers and these schools even have varsity eSports teams that compete at events all over the world, including the popular League of Legends competitions.

These types of scholarships are not as well known as traditional scholarships, but they do exist and provide a great way to start training and learning for a career in the video game industry. Young gamers who are already involved in the world of eSports can apply for various scholarships so they can chase their dreams of being a video game designer or developer in the future. With eSports always growing in popularity, it is believed that many more schools will start offering design programs as well as eSports scholarships to attract students and offer a chance to earn a degree in this exciting field of study.

Video Game Design Careers

With the help of eSports scholarships, students at video game schools can take the classes and training they need to enter a career as a video game designer. The gaming industry is always growing and new and innovative games are always being created. In the coming years, gaming will advance technologically and more designers will be needed to keep up with the demand of players from all over the world. Every video game begins with a simple concept and game designers then work to achieve that concept and make it come alive with the creation of a new game. Most video game designers will experiment with many genres and themes and will use features from existing games. These features will be improved upon and enhanced to create a new and thrilling game.

As a video game designed, one will work on the development of storylines and plots for games, will develop characters and scenarios as well as the different methods for winning and losing when playing the game. All of these things will be created using computer software and the video game designed will input different scripting. This will later be processed by the software being used to generate different commands, characters, objects and events that will take place during the game.

Types of Video Game Designers

Video game design can vary and video game school students will have various roads to travel when they earn an eSports scholarship and enter a design program. There are a number of types of designers who will focus on the different aspects of gameplay when a video game is being created. A tester is a popular role and many designers will spend some time as a tester. In this role, they will learn to code and will work with other experienced designers. There are also Lead Designers and these are main coordinators of the design team. They will be responsible for all communication during the entire design process and will have to make the important decisions. There are also game mechanics designers and they will work on the rule system of the game and the overall balance. Finally, there are environmental designers. These people will create the various scenarios in the game as well as the different environments that will be seen throughout the game.

With many options, video design schools offer great programs that can lead to any of these design jobs. With the help of eSports scholarships, gamers can start om a great path to a rewarding and successful design career.